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Status of Tunnelblick Translations

Tunnelblick is developed in English and is translated into many other languages.

Translation status as of 2024-04-04 16:42:42 UTC (31 languages fully translated):

complete ✓ - but you can help refine existing translations and translate strings for new features! (Details)
incomplete - help is very much needed! (Details)
Afrikaans ✓ Dutch ✓ Indonesian ✓ Romanian ✓
Albanian Estonian Italian ✓ Russian ✓
Arabic ✓ Finnish ✓ Japanese ✓ Serbian Latin
Azerbaijani Flemish ✓ Korean Slovak ✓
Bulgarian ✓ French ✓ Latvian Spanish ✓
Catalan ✓ German ✓ Norwegian Bokmål ✓ Swahili Tanzania
Chinese Simplified ✓ Georgian Norwegian Nynorsk Swedish ✓
Chinese Traditional ✓ Greek ✓ Persian Thai
Croatian ✓ Hebrew Polish ✓ Turkish ✓  
Czech ✓ Hungarian ✓ Portuguese ✓ Ukrainian ✓
Danish ✓ Icelandic Portuguese Brazilian ✓ Vietnamese ✓

Please contact the developers to volunteer to help translate Tunnelblick.