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If you have a VPN service provider, they are the best source for support.

  • Your VPN service provider is the organization which gave you your configuration files, and perhaps a username and password, and to which you are probably paying a fee for VPN service.
  • Tunnelblick is free software that many VPN service providers recommend or supply to their customers. We do not provide VPN service, just software.
  • For a list of Mac-friendly VPN service providers, see Getting VPN Service.

If your VPN was set up by someone else, they are the best source for support.

If you set up your own VPN:

  • For information about Tunnelblick, see the Tunnelblick documentation.
  • For information about OpenVPN or OpenVPN configurations, please use the OpenVPN resources below.

If you have a question about OpenVPN or a problem with OpenVPN, OpenVPN documentation and support is the best place to go:

If nothing else helps, the Tunnelblick Discussion Group is the best place to ask and answer questions about Tunnelblick.

  • Searching the discussion group is often the fastest way to find the solution to a problem — someone else may have already solved it!
  • Before posting or replying to the Discussion Group, please read Before You Post.