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Using Tunnelblick as a VPN Server

Note: Although Tunnelblick can be used to control an OpenVPN server, it is most useful when there will be only one type of user of the server. There are programs specifically written for controlling OpenVPN servers which allow you to control individual users of the server and contain many server-specific functions that are not included in Tunnelblick.

All versions of Tunnelblick allow the use of OpenVPN as a server:

  • An OpenVPN server (or client) can be started when the computer starts and keep running until the computer shuts down.
  • Tunnelblick may be used to start or stop the OpenVPN server (or client) to edit the configuration file.

To start OpenVPN (either a client or server) when the computer starts:

  1. Share the configuration (or make it Deployed).
  2. Once a configuration is shared, set it to connect "When computer starts". The next time the computer is started, the configuration will be connected even before anyone logs in. You can also connect the configuration using Tunnelblick without restarting the computer .

Whenever you quit Tunnelblick (or you log out, which causes Tunnelblick to quit), Tunnelblick will leave "when computer starts" configurations connected, but close all other configurations that are connected.

To edit the configuration file, the configuration must first be disconnected and made private. Then, after editing, make the configuration shared and connect it.

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