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Problems Installing Tunnelblick

If you are unable to install Tunnelblick, here are some things to check:

  • Did you download Tunnelblick from the official Downloads page?
  • Did you download a version of Tunnelblick that is appropriate for your version of macOS? New versions of macOS use the latest versions of Tunnelblick, but older versions of macOS or OS X require an older version of Tunnelblick from the Deprecated Downloads page.
  • Did you verify the download?
  • Are you installing from a copy of Tunnelblick that is stored on your startup volume (for example, on your Desktop)?
  • If you are installing Tunnelblick inside a virtual machine, are you installing from a copy of Tunnelblick that is stored on the virtual machine's startup volume (for example, on the VM's Desktop)?

If the above are all good, here are some things to try before trying to install again:

  • Try restarting your computer before installing. (Sorry, that sounds like the bad old days of Windows, but macOS sometimes gets itself into a situation that only restarting will fix.)
  • Try disabling or uninstalling any antivirus or other security software you have. Such software sometimes blocks Tunnelblick's ability to install without any indication that it is doing so.
  • Try completely uninstalling Tunnelblick following the official uninstall instructions.
  • Try copying Tunnelblick.app into your Applications folder by dragging it from the installer disk image. Then Control-click the new copy in Applications and click "Open" to start it. Tunnelblick should then ask for a computer administrator's username and password to secure itself.